Our wheel loader range is among the most fuel efficient in the market powered by ‘Tier Four Final’ diesel engines. But even though they are fuel efficient they still pack a very powerful punch to move and lift heavy loads with ease. Along with this power they are very agile allowing you to negotiate those tight spots. In tough conditions change from ‘Full Auto Mode’ to ‘Fixed Speed’ which will give you the max torque. In a single motion the clever ‘Auto-Leveler’ will bring the older bucket back to a digging action.

As the leading wheel loading manufacturers Yanmar has also incorporated the oscillating axle to the rear with a comfortable cabin up front that will guard you from receiving a pounding on bumps and slopes, meaning you can keep working for longer without feeling the strain of a heavy day.

Wheel Loader | Yanmar V80


The V80 wheel loader has reassuring stability and reliability because of the rigid and straight articulation. The wheels follow the same way forward and backward. The articulated steering with its 40 degree steering angle will deliver superb manoeuvrability which makes this wheel loader perfect for tight construction job-sites and other built-up locations.

The turning radius is short with positioning of pallet forks optimised and the articulated steering means that you can also have the bucket straight in line with the load on approach, even when the steering angle is at maximum.

This contributes to much more flexibility when picking or lowering down pallets and loads. Like all Yanmar diesel engines there is efficient fuel consumption and less displacement. This gives increased power and torque combined with the EPA Tier 4 Final engine / EU Level IIIB.We love that this wheel loader will leave little damage to pavements and gardens. 

The interior of the cabin of this Yanmar wheel loader is comfortable with enhanced design features for increased productivity without the stress on your body. For productive and precise work there is a user friendly ‘Smart Control’ operating system with multi-functional joysticks, giving exact control of the front-end slewing

Operating weight   4900kg   -  Transport dimensions  5060 x 1850 x 2640 mm 

Wheel Loader | Yanmar V100


The V100 wheel loader is tough with an operating weight of 5,800 kilograms meaning its stable and very reliable. Like the V80 the articulation is straight and rigid giving it this immense stability with wheels that follow the same way forward and back.

If you are looking for a wheel loader machine with superb power at 2,200 rpm and 75 horse-power but that can still be agile enough for squeezed construction sites and job sites then you have found your machine. Similar to the V80 the ultra modern ‘Smart Control’ operating system gives you the desired precision.

Along with articulated steering this wheel loader also has an oscillating rear axle that has a 10 degree wide slewing angle. At all times this superb construction machine will keep the four wheels in contact with the ground even when the terrain is uneven.

With other wheel loader manufacturers the entire rear-end will oscillate. With this Yanmar wheel loader though only the rear axle will oscillate which means the weight will always move with the direction of the bucket. This of course will also increase ground pressure when backing up.

Operating weight   5800kg   -  Transport dimensions  5270 x 1950 x 2765 mm 

Wheel Loader | Yanmar V120


The V120 wheel loader is our biggest front end wheel loader with an operating weight of 7000 kilograms. Its powerful engine has 101 horse-power and a massive 2000 rpm. Its straight and rigid articulation affords it increased stability and consistency.

This powerful construction machine is still fairly nimble owing to the advanced engineering such as the oscillating rear axle, and ‘Smart Control’ operating system that will give you accurate control on tight job sites. There is a thumbwheel on the joystick which gives you simple electrical proportion activation of the hydraulic functions. This makes it easier to use wheel loader attachments such as sweepers, folding buckets and high-tip buckets because of the ability to regulate the oil flow with real accuracy from zero to full.

You can quickly replace attachments from the from the cab using the Yanmar quick-hitch system. It saves you lots of time and importantly it is very safe to operate.

Operating weight   7000kg   -  Transport dimensions  5480 x 2100 x 2780 mm