At O’Regan Plant Sales we stock a superb range of Yanmar mini tracked dumpers and carriers. Soft, muddy ground that is uneven can present a real challenge to a truck or trailer, especially when there is many loads to be moved from point A to point B. A morning trying to get a stuck vehicle out of the mud can be a real drain on productivity. This is not an issue with the compact, powerful Yanmar tracked dumper. There is heavy duty durable rubber tracks that give you the high-flotation. The low ground pressure means you can operate in those sloppy wet, muddy conditions without causing too much damage to areas that are environmentally sensitive.

These robust dumpers can get into, around and under spaces that other machines will struggle. Each tracked dumper comes with a very fuel efficient, powerful Yanmar diesel engine.

Please browse through our selection of track dumpers for sale or the full catalogue of new plant machinery for sale or hire. We also stock spare parts and have a full service team on the road. Be sure to give our sales team a call today with any questions or leave your details to arrange a time that suits.


Mini Dumper | Yanmar C08 Power



This tracked mini dumper is very versatile. Perfect for use on all types of ground and offers great productivity. It can work in extremely confined spaces because of its small size with a width of 810 mm as standard. With the self loader its width is still only 835 mm. A key element of Yanmar’s micro-and mini-dumpers is their unwavering reliability. The CO8 Power lives up to these standards. It can climb steps with its very solid track-mounted lower chassis or work on loose and uneven terrain.

The payload of the C08 is 800 kilograms, which means for you it can to cover many different jobs. It is designed for removing waste and building materials from worksites, but is also equally suited for many types of materials transportation.

Operating weight   560kg   -  Transport dimensions  2151 x 810 x 1336 mm 

Mini Dumper | Yanmar C08 HI TIP



This skip loader and tracked dumper is a versatile machine with its narrow width and extended tip function that will suit most job-sites. This Hi Tip model enables you to dump into to most skips. Its undercarriage lets it climb stairs and operate easily in difficult underfoot conditions. Thanks to its hydraulic system it possess excellent manoeuvrability and maximum engine speed and power in every situation. We have two version for sale: with autoloading and without autoloading, depending on your needs.

It has a payload of 800 kilograms and an operating weight 560 kg as standard. The below dimensions and weights are for the ‘self-loading’ version.

Operating weight   600kg   -  Transport dimensions  2820 x 835 x 1336 mm 

Mini Dumper | Yanmar C12R-B


The C12R-B is a compact mini dumper really efficient on all types of grounds from rock and sand to mud and slippy slopes of up to 30 degrees. The stability is thanks to its low centre of gravity.

You will be able to bring your mini-dumper to most job-sites due to its easy manoeuvrability and reduced turning circle. The undercarriage has pendular supports and track rollers and so it can compensate for different ground levels.

For increased efficiency and dumping in different situations such as along side a hole or trench. You can also change the opening position for either side by using the easily removable pins. The angle for the sides is 58 degrees and the rear is 56 degrees.

Operating weight   1100kg   -  Transport dimensions  2650 x 950 x 1470 mm 

Mini Dumper | Yanmar C30R-3



This is a very compact dumper for its class. The total width of this machine is 1.5 metre with a length of 3.28 metres. The small dimensions coupled with its ability to spin-turn 360 degrees, enable it to turn and be extremely efficient on the smaller job-sites. It can smoothly turn 360° without stalling due to its hydraulic pressure adjustments.

This dumper has an impressive dumping angle of 58 degrees and all sides can be opened separately. It can carry large amounts with vessel capacity of 0,88 m3 with fast travelling speed, enabling your team to get through a lot of work fast. This all adds up to increased productivity of your operator.

Operating weight   2650kg   -  Transport dimensions  3280 x 1590 x 2310 mm 

Mini Dumper | Yanmar C30R-3TV



The C30R-3TV is the largest of our range but is still a small tracked dumper perfect for tight job-sites. This also uses the spin-turn 360 degree function and an upgraded operator reversible seat.

The wagon container can run 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right. This is fantastic for dumping right along side a drain or trench. To improve the comfort for your operator and the life span of the under carriage components, Yanmar have mounted track rollers by pair on bogeys to better absorb obstacles.

The dumper only moves as far as the joystick is pushed, stopping then again when the lever is let go thanks to the proportional control system.

Operating weight   2865kg   -  Transport dimensions  3640 x 1565 x 2310 mm