O'Regan Plant Sales are specialists in the mini excavator business with over 14 different machines for you to choose from. From the SV08-1A which is a very small mini excavators with a machine width of only 730 mm right up to the powerful SV120 with an operating weight of 11300 kilograms. We have the main dealership for Yanmar mini excavators Ireland with stock onsite including the popular 1 ton and 5 ton mini excavators.

Lots of manufacturers make compact diggers, but none touch Yanmar of their focus on innovation. Since introducing the world’s first mini excavators in ’68, they have been showing the way in compact equipment.

They produce ultra mini excavators right up to larger mini or midi excavators. Each purposely built to triumph on the most challenging job sites and conditions, be fuel efficient, exceptionally flexible, and work with unrivalled power. All of this with the same performance and stability you’d expect from other more conventional mini excavators.

Please browse through the different machines to suit your business. There is downloadable brochures where you can see the full mini excavator dimensions and weights.

If you’d like to get some solid advice on the best mini excavator for your business please just give us a call. We have years of experience and our team will be delighted to help.

1 ton Mini Excavator | Yanmar SVO8-1A


The SV08 1 ton mini excavator is a superb machine for laying pipes and indoor renovations projects due to its compact dimensions. This is also one of the best mini excavators for landscaping. The rear turning radius is ultra small giving it a real advantage in the narrow passages. This makes it an ideal solution for those awkward jobs in confined areas.

This compact mini excavator boosts many user friendly features for comfort and safety including the retractable seatbelt, a footrest, comfortable seating, sensitive and uncomplicated levers.

Operating weight   1035kg    -     Transport dimensions  3050 x 730 x 1550 mm

Mini Excavator | Yanmar ViO 12-2A  




The ViO12-2A mini excavator has the longest undercarriage of its type with a length of 1440 mm and with a weight of 1245 kilograms giving it an optimal weight distribution. This makes it very stable even with large attachments and heavy loads. This makes it the best mini excavator for demolition and rock breaking projects.

The ViO12-2A has a powerful Yanmar diesel engine which delivers 12.5 horse power and 2000 rpm. In contrast to industry standards for this type of mini excavator, Yanmar’s design allows for a smoother operation because of the variable axel pumps which can adjust to the flow and pressure of the load.

Operating weight   1245kg    -     Transport dimensions  3040 x 1000 x 1580 mm

Mini Excavator | Yanmar VIO 17


This 1.2 ton mini excavator works efficiently in tight areas going almost anywhere. This is Yanmars’ most compact mini excavator of the zero tail swing type. Neither the front section of the upper frame or the counterweight exceed the width of the crawlers. For this reason it tends to work well in tight spaces up against walls and buildings where the bigger excavators will struggle. 

Don’t be fooled by its small size though as this machine truly packs a punch with a 14.5 horse power diesel engine, incredible bucket digging force and lifting capacity that blitzes through the work. The unique Yanmar undercarriage technology provides the utmost safety, flexibility and sturdiness.

Operating weight   1765kg    -     Transport dimensions  3450 x 950 x 2370 mm

Mini Excavator | Yanmar VIO26-6 



High performance : improved components of the power line: (engine, hydraulic pump, distributor) hence no compromise between power and compactness

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Operating weight   2560kg    -     Transport dimensions  4110 x 1500 x 2530 mm

Mini Excavator | Yanmar VIO27-6


The VIO27-6 mini excavator has a small body with big capability. It combines reliability and robustness with its very neat dimensions making this the perfect partner for those narrow areas for landscaping and renovations. Where conventional machines are not be able to operate this compact mini excavator has ‘True Zero Tail Swing’ giving it a small turning radius.

The compact undercarriage and lightweight allow for easy transportation. With a mini excavator weight of 2745 kilograms and packed with ViO hydraulic system. The main characteristic of this system is that it has 4 hydraulic pumps , 2 gear pumps and 2 displacement pumps.

Operating weight   2745kg    -     Transport dimensions  4110 x 1500 x 2530 mm

Mini Excavator | Yanmar VIO33-6


The standard equipment of the VIO33-6 compact mini excavator includes an auxiliary hydraulic circuit. This is operated via a control found on the joystick which adjusts to the direction of the oil flow.

Yanmar has taken great care to be mindful of the environment which also gives greater fuel economy for the user. There is an eco mode as standard which will control the motor speed reducing the rpm by 300. There is also an auto declaration system which will drop the engine to idle if the driver does not touch the levers for 4 seconds. These characteristics of the new generation Yanmar engines allow for greater fuel efficiency. The boom and arm cylinders have complete protection.

There is also air suspension seat as standard for a greater comfort.

Operating weight   3275kg    -     Transport dimensions  4510 x 1550 x 2460 mm

Mini Excavator | Yanmar VIO38-6


The VIO38-6 mini excavator also incorporates the True Zero Tail Swing Yanmar design making it another very compact machine with a radius rear swing of 775 mm. It has a digging depth of 3530 mm and a digging height of 3730 mm.

It also incorporates the ViPPS hydraulic system which has an optimal combination in terms of power, speed and balance making this a smooth machine. It has the latest generation of TNV Yanmar engines that are electronically controlled for increased performance, decreased emission levels and fuel consumption.

Similar to the rest of the Yanmar mini excavators there has been no compromise on performance for fuel efficiency. It is a robust machine that is fast and effective worker even under tough conditions. 

Operating weight   3695kg    -     Transport dimensions  4760 x 1740 x 2470 mm

5 ton Mini Excavator | Yanmar VIO 50-6 & 55-6


The ViO 50-6 & 55-6, 5 ton mini excavators, combine the reliability we have come to expect with these Yanmar machines and serious muscle.

The ViO50-6 has a unique and complete protection of its entire boom, full arm and bucket cylinders. A spring steel plate protects all of the cylinders tubes and rods. This will dramatically reduce the lifetime ownership cost over the years as you will spend less on replacing parts.

There is an X-shaped box-section structure found in the undercarriage which provides excellent rigid torsional. The frame is designed for maximum durability.

All the components of the undercarriage have been upgraded increasing further the durability and reducing lifetime costs.

Operating weight   4855kg    -     Transport dimensions  5230 x 1970 x 2540 mm

Mini Excavator | Yanmar VIO 57-6


The ViO57-6 mini excavator is probably the most compact excavator in its range. It has an operating weight of 5485 kilograms with the rubber crawlers. It has a digging depth of 3710 mm and long arm length of 4000 mm. Extraordinary digging forces for a mini excavator of this size.

‘Peace of mind’ is what we hear from our mini excavator business customers especially when being used in areas with limited space.

The all new design feature of the boom also offers a turning radius that is very compact. Another advantage of the ViO design include the reduced rear blind spot which enhances the safety around the machine for other workers.

Operating weight   5485kg    -     Transport dimensions  5510 x 1990 x 2540 mm

Midi Excavator | Yanmar VIO80-1


The VIO80-1 midi excavator is a born out of the fusion of innovation and technology. It has the performance of a large excavator but also the benefits of being a compact midi excavator. It has an operating weight of 8025 kilograms with the rubber crawlers and a digging depth of 4130 mm and a long arm length of 4500 mm. It has a rear swing radius of 1135 mm.

It has been designed to suit many different sized construction sites. This versatile excavator is the perfect combination of power, reliability and compactness.

It's versatility makes it a great partner to increase your productivity, regardless of the work you are facing from excavation and grading to demolition and backfilling it will make short work of your projects.


Operating weight   8065kg    -     Transport dimensions  6450 x 2270 x 2710 mm

SV26 Mini Excavator | Yanmar SV26


The Yanmar SV26 mini excavator has excellent performance in a compact packages. The SV26 mini excavator has is ideal for urban work and landscaping. For power and productivity the Yanmar SV26 is exceptional with the assured confidence you are stable in all circumstances. It is one of our best mini excavators for landscaping and other urban jobs. Being so lightweight and compact it’s easy to transport by trailer.

The cab interior of the SV26 has been designed to facilitate the drivers on those long days on job-sites, by the increased comfort and improved positioning. The digital interface reports the status of the machine to the driver in real time. 

Operating weight   2665kg    -     Transport dimensions  4250 x 1550 x 2435 mm

1.5 ton Mini Excavator | Yanmar SV22


The Yanmar SV22 1.5 ton mini excavator with its ultra-short tail swing easily works in tight spots. The power and productivity are exceptional with the assured confidence you are stable in all circumstances. It is one of our best mini excavators for landscaping and other urban jobs. Being so lightweight and compact it’s easy to transport by trailer.

The cab interior of the SV22 has been designed to facilitate the drivers on those long days on job-sites, by the increased comfort and improved positioning. The digital interface reports the status of the machine to the driver in real time. 

Operating weight   1765kg    -     Transport dimensions  3450 x 950 x 2370 mm

Midi Excavator | Yanmar SV85


The SV85 midi excavator has a short rear end that is perfect for construction sites with limited space. It is powerful and solid with an operating weight of 8200 kilograms. It is stable under heavy load capacities. The short rear end means the rear swing radius is only 1510 mm.

Its powerful engine yet environmentally friendly with an exhaust gas after treatment that reduces pollutants by 90%. This is due to diesel oxidation catalytic converter and the improved combustion and injection system.

For better material removal it has a dozer blade with a rounded profile. There is 3 boom options available: circular boom, mono boom, articulating boom.

For high speed repositioning there is a two stage traction drive included. 

Operating weight   8200kg    -     Transport dimensions  6575 x 2630 x 2600 mm

10 ton Midi Excavator | Yanmar SV100-2PB



The SV100-2PB midi excavator of the 10 ton class has an ultra short rear turning radius. It can work on job-sites where some of other 8 ton excavators cannot even access.

This midi excavator has a 2 piece boom and is Yanmar’s first model with the articulated boom. This has a dramatic effect on the performance, improving manoeuvrability and the precision when placing loads. It also has seen improvements to the load chart by as much as 45%.


Operating weight   8200kg    -     Transport dimensions  6575 x 2630 x 2600 mm